Tuesday, November 01, 2005

hello, im sure no one reads this anymore since my last post was in march which is approximately ermm 8 months ago! ah well, im back to blogging coz i am very very very very very bored. currently i am bored i shud be studying but ah well. maybe later. currently matin is downloading age of empire 3 for me! we are such pirates i swear! anywya back to AOE, the third franchise of the AOE series looks damn damn damn fun. its like based on the time when europeans were looking for new worlds and basically ure choice of civilizations are limited to the european upstarts. yay! so fun and guess wad the ottoman civilization and apparently u can built a mosque there, haha on that note, mastan has adopted islamic studies as her post-promos reeducation program. haha. matin has found some fun talking with pho, haha. been studying with jess these few weeks and i must say its been very fun and good. haha zul'z busy with threesome which i am gonna wathc this friday. smriti on the other hand has been missing. haha. tim is not online now. im bored. oh i miss everyone sooo much. i cant wait for this to be over. hai.. i wonder when kat will be back, hopefully not right in the middle of A's. speaking of which is next week. anywya, i miss all my frens. gonna meet jess tmr to study and see ksy. haha i am boreddddd. oh ti jsut came online!. i shalll post photos of mastans bdae and mariah she is so hot now!

i love them! matin, mastan, jess and me!

she looks nice 'cept for those boobies. seriosuly , its too big. haha

on a side note, i love swiss miss instant cocoa! haha anyway thats all. haha

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

hey, i ran today. hmm at macritchie in the late morning. haha. rather enjoyable. ran 6k with zul and pek before waiting for smriti to start on our nature trail haha (: anyway, macritchie was full today, some dragonboat/canoeing competition. heh. ah well. anyway, the run was good. the walk was quite good until it started to rain. and i swear, smriti is mad, she, apparently, likes to walk in the rain. gah, was drenched thru. was really gross! gross! gross! anyway, it was gross. oh but the treetop walk this time round was less scary since i familiarised myself with it last week. haha. making it a weekly affair is really good. wah, my knees ache though. its really quite painful. anyway, after that, kenneth stood us up, so we din go sicc but had to walk out. haha.

on another note, i just downloaded mariah's new album, emacipation of mimi! ah well. its really good and refreshing. she doesn't whisper half the time and she uses her amazing voice and that whistle note more often, which is good! haha. anyway, its really bad to download stuff like this but ah well, ill buy the album anyway so yeah.

anyway, i wanted to blog that yesterday but i din. so yeha adjust the time references accordingly. anyway, today had a very late lunch with my grandma and my brother (the one who's married and has kids). anyway yeah. hmm as i was watching my grandma entertaining my two nieces, i wondered what was going thru her head. i mean, would she be jealous of their youth. or would she jsut be happy for their youth. i dunno. if i were her, i would be extremly jealous seeing young kids running around doing such exciting things. i wish i did better things with my youth. i mean, not that im not young anymore or anything, but age is catching up and adult life is impending. and i jsut feel so lost. i want to turn back time and do better things, like love maths more. be a better friend. hmmm set my goals clearer. ah regrets, regrets. ah well. i feel fat now. okie im gonna eat chips with sour cream! hhaha damn nice. i wanna be fat and tubby.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

heyya. oh gosh it been so long since i last blogged. i feel so bored that im compelled to blog. haha anyway today was the second day of common tests. so far eveything sucks but oh well. its only cts no big deal. ah wad else. oh played chess with bc today, like yesterday, haha i lost. oh dear. well, i dunno what else to say. hmmmm oh im really really unprepared for hist. im so scared for tmr sigh. ugh i ahte exams esp if theyre out of nowhere and is relatively useless and unimportant. i am bored. okay im really bored. i know ill post a random picture maybe that will liven up my post. haha

i think she looks really hot here. haha

and herrreee tooo. haha

oh i just visited jessica simpson's site. guess what. she recorded music videos for her christmas songs. ahaha thats really stupid. gonna watch it now. ok her oh holy night video is really dumb and cheap. its set against like a starry sky. haha lame. the picture above shows her like shooting some picture for her edible make up line. think she looks really funny and stupid. ah well.........boreed bored. off to study hist. ugh ugh

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

heyyy. im so bored. i can't study. ok more like i refuse to but still. i hate promos. k i hate exams in general. right now the situation that is most desirable and will get me out of my predicament is the lovely SARS. haha. it rocks sigh.ok besides the fact that some people die. haha. i am so bored, im thinking of such things. oh today wasn't that bad a day except that from history lesson on, i felt really drowsy, like this sleeping spell had come over me. anyway yeah i slept in keith wong's lesson and yeha he was really nice abt it. haha. he din wake me up. i think he's quite good. ugh oh yea i just realised that i have shitloads of pw crap to do. oh freaking hell. i hate moe. oh yeah anyway, ran 15 rounds with yong hui today. it was nice. very invigorating. oh oh there's this new game that hakeem taught the class or something. its damn fun. haha its like this game between two people where they keep on adding letters to an initial letter and the first person that forms a word loses. yepp damn fun and addictive. oh well. pe was rubbish. about some survey. haha. i guess thats all. oh yeah and really sorry to like smriti for like what happened at the canteen and yeha thanks kesh for the chocs. haha (: which reminds me.. abdochocs and tiff. haha wonder if it works. heh

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Monday, September 06, 2004

hey. im really bored. gonna call kenneth. today was an eventful day. moving day for rp. oh god it was so tiring. and it didn't help that i was in the blardy dumpster truck. EwWWWwwwww. gross! ok anyway yeha damn tired, then tried to study with kesh and smriti. haha. unsuccessfully, oh well. tried playing badminton only to have the place invaded by med fac ppl. so went off. talked to uni for awhile, heh (: then, like had some pizza for dinner, then went running. god havent ran for like eternity. felt so gooooodd. god, running rocks. actually its the after effects of running that is really great. the feeling of like tiredness mixed with a sense of accomplishment is immeasurable. you feel really good. anyway, contrary to what smriti and tim thinks, i am not turning anorexic. i DO NOT skip meals. i swear. i just don't eat fast food. coz its just gross. anyway, toni braxton just started playing like on my media player. i think she's damn gooooood. her voice is sooo deep and strong and like nice. gosh its so deep. like, so deeep, its probably 10000 times deeper than my voice, not to say that mine is very deep, but still. haha. i downloaded some of her christmas carols the other day and god its freaking nice.

and it's just like honey
when your love comes over me
oh baby I've got a dependancy
always strung out for another
taste of your honey
it's like honey when it washes over me
you know sugar never ever was so sweet.

i think those lines are nice. heh. ok im tired. gonna call kenneth soon and like yeha im tired. the back of my neck feels wrong. haha.

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Underneath the stars

One summer night
We ran away for a while
Laughing, we hurried beneath the sky
To an obscure place to hide
That no one could find

And we drifted to another state of mind
And imagined I was yours and you were mine
As we lay upon the grass there in the dark
Underneath the stars
Young love
Underneath the stars

Weak in the knees
Wrapped in the warm gentle breeze
So shy
A bundle of butterflies
Flushed with the heat of desire
On a natural high

As we drifted to another place in time
And the feeling was so heady and sublime
As I lost my heart to you there in the dark
Underneath the stars
Young love

Beautiful and bittersweetly
You were fading into me
And I was gently fading into you
But the time went sailing by
Reluctantly we said good-bye
And left our secret place so far behind
And I lay in bed all night and I was
Drifting drifting drifting drifting

And I was yours
And you were my own
My own baby
As we lay
As we...
Lay underneath the stars

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hey, lysistrata just ended yesterday. i'm still very tired. not doing any work. hmm let me update my love and miss list. haha.

i miss rehearsals.
i love tim, uni and janahan.
i miss 4h, still.
i love smriti and thea.
i miss going home early.
i love matin berns and mike.
i miss joshua and kenneth
i love my hullet dramafeste cast and crew.
i will miss the lysistrata cast.

anyway, after our last show on saturday, we went to holland v. needless to say, it was freaking full, so we camped at kfc where smriti whipped out the "the templar revelation" and started telling us abt it. oh gosh it sounds so intriguing. this whole conspiracy that spanned 2 milennia that hid the secrets of jesus. cool. anyway i'm very bored. oh yeah thanks to like the hullet dramafeste ppl for coming down for lysis. azizul, anish, chris, daniel, walter and yeah also navjote and tim yam. love ya ppl. oh yeah ZUL! thanks for daydream, i absulutely love it

allan - yeah thanks, and don't get too upset over stuff yeah, theres more to life than jsut being an ogl (:
mike - haha, i decided to start blogging again. yeaps. feeling really bored these days.
shauna - hey! erm im not really sure who u are, but yeah thanks a lot (: really appreciate it.

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